Engineer. Chef. DJ (Very Mildly Dyslexic)

In a world full of fuck-ups & break ups; it's within the boundless realm of music that keeps him present. It’s underground electronic that best serves WireBear's soundtrack, the darker and more aggressive, the better.

Born in his hometown London and raised in The Middle east; he nurtured an eclectic taste for alternative/experimental music from young. A former devotee of trip-hop/east coast Hip-Hop, with major love for soul and the tribal authenticity drawn from world records, now what you hear, is a sound matured.

He’s selected what's sexy, and spat-out what's unhealthy (commercial-free zone). Romanced by the sounds of German synths, he says music is his favourite drug.

Once Ryan (a.k.a 'WireBear') plugs in and takes control of his reality, the music is within the moment of silence.

Enjoy the drop.